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Counselling service for 5-10 year olds

Counselling is talking about your problems and worries to a specially trained person. It can help to talk to the counsellor because they are there to listen just to you and give you special listening time.

A counsellor won’t tell you what to do, but will help you to make your own decisions.

What problems can I talk about?

You can talk about any problem. If we can’t help, we’ll do our best to find someone who can.

Worries children talk to us about include:

• Problems at school like, bullying or feeling like its too difficult

• Changes at home, like when parents split up or someone dies

• Falling out with family or friends

Will you tell people what I say?

We will keep what you tell us as private as we can. If what you tell us makes us worried that you or someone else is getting hurt then we may need to talk to somebody else. But we will always try to talk to you about this first.

Does my parent need to know I’m seeing a counsellor?

Yes, we will check with your parent or carer that it’s OK for you to come to counselling. We don’t always have to do this for young people at secondary school as it’s different when you’re a bit older. But we won’t tell a parent what you tell us in a session unless you want us to or unless we are worried someone is getting hurt.  

Who will know I’m seeing a counsellor?

The counsellor will try to keep the fact you are coming to counselling as private as possible.When someone else is helping you with your problems, we may need to let them know when you start and finish counselling.

Can someone make me go to see a counsellor?

No. Someone can suggest you have counselling, but going to counselling is your choice.

When you first meet the counsellor you can ask any questions you want about counselling and to talk a bit about what’s worrying you. If you want we can then set up for you to meet the counsellor again.

Where does counselling happen?

We work in schools and Relate Centres and other venues. We aren’t everywhere, so get someone to call us to find out if we are working near you.